Saturday, February 03, 2007

1st Birthday

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Day 3

Today was my niece's first birthday. Lots of fun, cake and Fab pressies. Just a few pictures from her party!!

Didnt walk tonight, Josh and Dan had sleep overs so John and I took Jay out for dinner then got movies to watch. We watched Cars - loved this so cute and very well made. Then we watched Click, very funny in parts but i cried towards the end...yes im a big sook...
Had to come in and make my post before midnight, of now to watch some more, we got American Pie -The naked mile as well as DOA dead or alive. Dont think i will make it through two more movies, but we will see....



  1. Haha! Lovely pictures!!And the weather looks great! hihi!

  2. The photos are great! It looks like it was a fantastic party!

  3. Denise3:39 pm

    Cute pics! Looks like Jessica really enjoyed her cake!