Sunday, January 21, 2007

A new chapter

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Day 21

Thanks to Kathryn and Kathy for their suggestions on my new blog name, as well as the girls from KSK who gave me food for thought.
As you can see I didnt actually choose a name from anyones suggestions, I did however get the idea for this one from ideas Kathy suggested. So Kathy email me your address (not sure I have it) and I will send you out a little something :)

With the name change I have also changed my URL so you may need to check your links and adjust them.

The boys asked today if we could go for a rollerblade, and as rusty and rickety as I am on blades, we combined a skate with our daily walk. Was alot harder than I imagined it would but I only hit the dust once lol

One more week to go then the boys are back at school, I still have yet to pick up books and get the last lot of stationary items needed...nothing like leaving it to the last minute...



  1. Fantastic title Lisa...very creative!!!

  2. ~Kathryn~6:33 am

    ohhhhh so clever
    love it !!

  3. ~Kathryn~6:35 am

    can you change your settings so i can add you to blog lines - the RSS feed doesn't seem to be working

  4. Lisa I love the name change! It is very clever!

  5. Love the blog name! Very clever!