Sunday, January 07, 2007


Some of you that read this will already know about my mother in law and the news we got in June last year. for those of you that dont...
On the 29th June 2006, she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She was given 4-18mths to live. One month later the cancer had spread to her kidneys as well and the doctors didnt expect her to see christmas.
Being the fighter and survivor that she is, not only did she see christmas, but today is her birthday!! She is still having treatment and fighting it with all that she has.
This is a web page that my hubby made as a tribute to his mum...

Trust MUM, enjoy MUM and love MUM.
We all prayand hope that she keeps fighting and will see christmas this year and another birthday.



  1. Lisa that is really good to hear! I hope she has a great birthday!

  2. that is sensational news!!!!
    Go GiRLFRIEND _ keep fighting

  3. Wow .. excellent .. Happy birthday to your Mum :)