Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Boys create too

Both my younger two boys scrapbook and each have their own supplies. They wanted me to scan and show their layouts so beign the good mum, ive done just that :)

These are Jay's he has just turned 9.

These are from Daniel who is 11.

I love the fact that they both want to be creative and have been very supportive of them, even giving up some of my supplies to start them of.
Good way to deplete the stash to make room for new things hehe

Just for good measure one from me..
For the Use your stash challenge at KSK



  1. Cute!! Loved the slideshow you sent!

  2. WOW! These are really cool layouts Lisa! I love that your boys scrap and that it is an activity you can do together!

  3. these are great - very talented boys you have there !!!
    i couldnt get the slideshow to work - but went and looked at the pics