Monday, December 04, 2006

Our Weekend

Wasn't quite the weekend i would of planned. I woke up Friday morning with a cold, which got progressively worse throughout the day and by Saturday was enough to have me miserable and hardly able to move.
The couple next door had their surprise wedding, Shell looked absolutely gorgeous. Congrats Iv & Shell.
We went to my nephews farewell, went really well, he lives tomorrow :(
Sunday amazingly i was alot better, not totally but well enough to at least do things.
Finally decided on photos for our christmas cards just need to get them printed now.
My baby fell of his bike and hit his head, landed on his chin and bit thru his lip :( quick (amazingly) trip to emergency and they said he didnt need stitches, were a little concerned that he hit his head, that with him being weaned from his Epilepsy meds was a worry. He came home with a very saw face, swollen lots of grazes (yes i took pics ), he cant talk properly or eat poor darlin, but his spirits are up, he was joking with his dad later that night about the way he was talking lol
I was a softy today and kept him home from school, he had a head injury I have to watch him..right ? Good :)
Got my nephew and SIL comming to visit tonight, he swam at the Aust championships Saturday, was dissappoint that he swam under his PB. He swims again Thursday. Boys are really looking forward to seeing him again, its been over a year.
Im of now to create some Christmas goodies, chat soon.


  1. Ohhh Lisa I hope that both you and your son are feeling better soon! :)

  2. Get well soon to the both of ya! Miss ya babe! Love ya! Hit me up on aim sometime: