Friday, December 01, 2006

1st day of summer

The beginning of summer, the beginning of the christmas/party season. That just leaves 24 shopping days till christmas!! OMG thats scary I havent got anywhere near enough done for it to be this close.
Just got over my nephews 1st birthday, and have my 40th in a cple weeks!
We have had some really weird weather here of late, scorching hot days, winds like you wouldnt believe and the sky looking like a desert storm. Looks like we are in for a pretty warm summer, not just here but all over Aussie. Dont forget to 'slip slop slap' everyone :)
Thought I'd share some work i've done over the last week..

Am working on christmas cards at the moment, will post them once i get them finished.
Got a full on weekend ahead, a farewell party for my nephew who is moving to Darwin to live for awhile, and another nephew is up here from Victoria taking part in the national swimming championships being held at Chandler this weekend!! Go Trev!!

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