Sunday, October 02, 2016

Pretty packaging - 21st birthday

We put alot of time and though into buying or making the perfect gift, its nice to make the packaging look pretty too.
Last weekend we were invited to a friends daughters 21st, I got her gift and on the day of the party realised I needed a card. After scouring through all my supplies I found this party girl stamp (don't remember which brand it is) and pulled together a few supplies to make a pretty pink party card.

When it came time to wrap I knew I wanted to make it all pretty and girly but was a bit stumped as to what to do. I didn't want to just do the usual wrap in brown paper and use twine or ribbon to pretty it up. I went through my wrapping drawer and found a heap of tissue paper and remembered the nifty scissors that I found awhile back that multiple cut.
That's when the idea of doing the multi fringe came to me. I took a bit of time to measure the right lengths and then cut all the ends, but it all came together really well and looked so pretty.
I added a piece of lace and wooden heat and pom pom to finish it off.

I did end up with a table (and floor) full of bits of tissue paper but it was all worth it for the finished look.
How creative are you when it comes to wrapping your gifts?

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