Monday, June 20, 2016

Unique Handmade Quilts

Ive been crafty all my life but when it comes to sewwing im a bit of a novice. Quilting is a whole new ball game, I get craft envy whenever I see quilts or quilting come up in my social media feeds. The work that goes into these amazing creations is just mind boggling for a non sewwer like myself.
I wanted to share with you the gorgeous work of a friend who is selling some of her quilting creations. Janelle is a beautiful lady who has this ability to piece together bits of material and turn them into masterpieces. If you always wanted to own  your very own quilt then you must go and check out what Janelle has for sale. Ive shared with you some of her lovely pieces but to see more and get details check out her Instagram page, you wont be sorry.

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