Friday, April 01, 2016

April Creative Goals

Another month just flown by, we say it all the time but the year really is moving so quickly. Before we know it, it will be Christmas again. It makes staying on track and organized even more important to make sure that everything you need to get done or made happens.
March goals were all accomplished accept for birthday decorations, but the birthday isn't until the end of April, so still plenty of time for them.

The year from here on gets busy for us with Footy season starting tonight and with Josh and John at one club and Dan at another its going to be full on.
This month in particular we have 3 birthdays including the very exciting first birthday of my gorgeous grandson! I make no apologies for all the posts featuring Chayse that will happen towards the end of the month :) its an exciting time for us as first time grandparents.
So lets have a look at what I hope to achieve creative wise this month.

5 cards ready for May birthdays
Scrap the Boys
Jot Mood Board
Birthday decorations (helping)
Chayse newborn layout  and project life page

I'm currently waiting to find out the gender of my nieces bubba and a friends daughters bubba, so there will  be some sort of baby crochet (yes more) happening as well.

I really want to get back into working on my Sophie's Choice blanket also but feel that might be a little optimistic for this month.
Lets see how I go.

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Lis :)

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