Monday, January 18, 2016

Blog planning

I have had this blog for a few years now and to start with I would just do posts when I had something to share. Since I got a bit more serious with my blogging I've struggled with my planning of posts.
I have plenty of ideas and things to share but working out when to post or how often and how to organize all those ideas is my issue.
I've tried a few different ways and scolded through Pinterest and Google looking for ideas. I love the idea of a yearly calendar up on the wall but don't have the wall space to do this.
Towards the end of last year I Came up with a simple monthly calendar that seemed to work so I'm gong with it again this year.

I have an A5 folder that I have use and found a calendar that I as able to split up and put in the folder.  I have gone through the whole year and using washi tape masked of the days I won't be posting. I decided Monday, Wednesday and Friday's will be the days I do post.
I then used plain washi tape to add in all the post ideas.


The washi tape is good because it removes easily for when I'm certain that I'm posting or if I change my mind and need to move it.
I'm sure there are many more ideas out there that I did t find but so far this is working so I'm sticking with it.
How do you organise your blog planning?

Thanks for visiting
Lis :)

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