Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pretty wrapped packages

What do you do when your gift wrapping stash just doesn't have the appropriate paper ? Well you could head down to the shops and buy some or you could make your own!
I had a few gifts to give to some special ladies the last few weeks and whilst my gift wrap is full of papers they are mainly in colours for  the boys - joys of being in a family surrounded by males - I did have some brown paper bags though so I figured I could have a go at making them look pretty.

The first one I stayed pretty simple and used my trusty watercolours paints and the rubber on the end of a pencil to make cute dots in her favourite colours all over. Wrap it all together in some twine and add a tag with some washi tape and her initial.

Using the washi tape on the tags gave me the idea for the second one. I cute the required length in twine to go around the parcel twice, measured out the length I wanted to  have the banners, then added washi tape by folding it over the twine. Then all I had to do was cut the little notches out of the bottom. Using the same idea from above I tied a tag onto the twine and it was done.

This last one was the most time consuming but fun and I think looks so pretty. Using my punches I punched out lots of little circles and flowers, then threaded them onto some coloured twine. I added some double sided tape to each row just to make sure it didn't move and get ruined in transit but you could leave that bit out, add the tag and another gift looking pretty.

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