Friday, October 02, 2015

October Creative goals

Its that time of month again where I set out my goals for the month ahead. I'm happy to report back that I completed all of the projects I had planned for September. That's a first for me!! I even managed part 11 of Sophie's Universe blanket as well as 10.
Can I do it again this month? I am having a much better outcome with my creative projects by setting them monthly instead of a huge list at the start of the year. The smaller lists each month are helping me keep my time management under control and not giving me realistic goals I will never reach.

So lets see what I'm planning this month....

Scrap the boys challenge
Jot Mood Board challenge
2 or more scrapbook layouts
2 cards
10 rows or more of my hexagon blanket
weaving for birthday present
Part 12 and 13 of Sophies Universe

Wish me luck!!

Thanks for visiting
Lis :)

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