Monday, April 13, 2015

He totally supports me

My husband that is, not only does he support and encourage my creative endeavours and make sure that I get photos of any little thing "to scrapbook" he sometimes comes home with little gifts that he thinks I can use.
He will come to me with something and ask "can you use this" before it gets thrown out or if he has seen it somewhere and thinks it might be useful it comes home.
A binding machine found at a store was brought as he remembered me struggling to work out how to bind a journal together a few months previous. A hole punch that can go through LOTS of pages was just another that he found and knew I would be able to use.

String, jute, paper, card, envelopes and lots of other items have ended up in my stash courtesy of a supportive hubby who gets his wife's obsession!
Do you have a partner who supports your creativeness?

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Lis :)

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