Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crochet shower scrubbie

We have all brought those cheap shower scrubbies from the $2 shops to have them only last a few weeks before they start unravelling and falling apart.
I needed to come up with an alternative that wouldn't be too "girly" for my house full of males. They tend not to use washers but prefer the scrubbie style.
I had made some girlfriends some pretty cotton scrubbies which they loved, but felt that the crochet cotton maybe wouldn't stand up to the punishment it would get from my boys.

Searching through my stash for something else I came across some 'craftulon' (this is called a few different things depending where you  buy it) and as it was similar to the material the store brought ones were made out of decided to give it ago.
The craftulon was much easier to crochet up than I thought it would be and didn't take too long either. I didn't use a pattern just started with a circle and increased 3 stitches every stitch until it was big enough.

Once made I gave it to the guys to try out, hubby said it was good, Jay's response was it was "a bit scratchy" Dad told him it was an exfoliater and to harden up haha. So the final outcome was that it was as good as the store brought ones and the bonus is that 3 months on it is still going strong and hasn't even started to fall apart.

You might be thinking  that I'm talking about making these for the boys but my pictures show pink ones! Well once I knew they would work I made a few up for gifts as well, I added them to a little gift pack with soaps and shower gels and a washer for the girls.

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