Sunday, October 05, 2014

Thrift shopping not just for the girls

For those of you that read my blog regulary you will know how much of a thrift store addict I am! I share regualry all the great things ive found, some just small things but some major as well.
I know alot of my readers and friends love thrift shopping, but how many of you shop for the males in you family in these stores?

My boys have not exactly been huge fans of wearing anything that `mum got from that place` hah sound familiar? I have managed to get a few brand name items that Ive washed and just put in with their clothes and they havent really notices....boys!
Enter son #3 who hasnt been anywhere near as fussy about clothes as his older brothers and needed some clothes that he could wear to interviews and church.
He is working a casual job but the cost of dress shirts (at least 3 of them) was way over his budget. Lets not even try and figure out how the price of a tie is more than some shorts and shirts.

I luckily found a great silky look dress shirt at one of my local thrift stores for $4 and a tie to match for $1 and the kid was intstantly interested in comming with my on my thrift expeditions!
The above photos are the outcome of a weeks shopping and all for under $30 he was thrilled with all he got and I must say looks pretty good in them too, but then im a bit bias haha!

Do you shop for the men in your lives? What great bargains have you found?

Hope everyone is having a fab long weekend!
Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)

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