Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday shenanigans

Our first Weekend without committments on both days since footy finished and we decided to head out for the day.
Fishing rods, swimming gear,drinks and apart from a little hassle with traffic after an accident on the freeway we headed over to Jacobs Well.
(warning uge photo overload)

 The kids all piled in the car and as always when the backseat is full their was alot of fun to be had before we even got anywhere.

 I had been told that Jacobs Well went for miles but this was my first time driving over that way and yep it did, lots and lots of sugar cane to see as we drove by.

 We tried out two different places but neither were all that nice and it was decided seeing that it was already afternoon that they would prefer to just come home and go in the pool.

The kids didnt take long to jump in, personally it wasnt really warm enough yet for me, so I watched and took photos. The kids had fun though.

So whilst I didnt get my day out with the family that I had hoped for, we did cross one location of our list of places not to go back to.

If you have ideas for nice locations in SE QLD for day trips then be sure to leave me a note below!

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Lis :)

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