Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Pretty Penpal mail

Who wouldnt love to get something pretty our of their mail box! Much nicer than a bill or boring white envelope dont you think?
Last weekend I spent a day making cards and getting sorted to send out cards and parcels for birthdays.

These are just a few of the decorated envelopes. Bright, fun and so easy to do. You can buy all sorts of stickers at the cheap shops, they have little pads of all different sorts for about $2. You can cut images from magazines and childrens books (I buy alot of both from thrift stores) and paste away creating your own unique mailart.

The envelope above I used sticker dots that I had on hand, you could also use paint or stamps to do the same thing. Maybe even change it up with triangles, starts or hearts, whatever takes your fancy!
Washi tape is great for decorating envelopes too, just use it as is or make shapes out of it.
Have a go at creating your own, its fun!

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Lis :)

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