Monday, September 08, 2014

August 2014

Another month over, can someone tell the year to slow down just a little im not ready for it to be this close to the end yet!
Someone said the other day its only 16 weeks till christmas!! OMG!
So this is just a little look at August around our place. There were weekends full of footy, with 2 of our 3 senior teams making the grandfinal! Lots of creating both with hook and paper, fresh flowers some coffee dates and New jewellery!!Thrift shopping and fancy dress nights, penpals, new prescription sunnies and lots of warm sunny days finally!
Biggest news this month though was the engagement of my biggest boy to the lovely Ashleigh!
September is looking like being as busy as August was!

Have done a rearrange in my craft room over the weekend so will be bringing you a post filled with lots of photos on that this week...stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)

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