Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Handmade gifts - crochet washcloths


So far my plan to have handmade gifts on hand ready for birthdays is going well. To be honest this isnt all about me being on the ball and getting things made and more about most of the birthdays dont come until about April! I am doing a little bit though.
With more of the crochet cotton I was gifted at the beginning of the year I made up some green and white washers. I think these ones are for kitchen more than bathroom as the colour probably wont match many bathrooms out there (well not unless you have an retro 70's rental bathroom like we do).

They really do come together quite quickly (think I may of mentioned this before, but they do!!) and there are so so many patterns to choose from, or be clever and make up your own pattern! I am now sourcing some pretty soaps to send of with the washers. If you are local and know where I can get some (not online) then please leave a comment below or email me!

Have to keep motivated with the handmade gifts as those birthdays will start rolling around before I know it! Im determined to keep on track with the handmade this year, wish me luck!

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Lis :)


  1. Very pretty! I've been working on some dishcloths lately too - funnily enough I'm also using some gifted cotton too :)

    1. The best kind of cotton :)