Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Handmade - Watercolour Cards

What do you make for the person who has everything or who doesnt really get the whole handmade idea? Not everyone likes the crochet washers or doiley's and there are only so many blankets or scarves one person needs. It's difficult to when you are trying to do a year of handmade gifts to come up with something for a person like this that they not only need but will want.

I had almost given up and was going to go and buy a gift when the idea came to me...Cards! Everyone needs cards right? We all send out birthday cards, some of us even thank you cards and just because cards. Whilst the stores have some beautiful cards on their shelves the prices just seem to be going up and up.

Having cards at home that you just grab and write in sounds like a much better idea than having to run to the shops everytime you need one. I know for me (I make my own) that its much easier, and my boys too have found it very handy (as well as the fact they dont have to spend any money haha) to just raid mums stash.

I have a love for watercolour lately so decided to make up a set of watercolour cards. These are very easy to do and still look quite good (I think) and easy to make for boys or girls. Does anyone else find making cards for boys harder than for girls??

I thought 10 was a good number to have in a set, what do you think ? So after they were all made and dry I paired them with envelopes and tied them up all pretty. I think the next lot I'm going to add some washi tape or other decoration to the envelopes as well.

Do you make your own cards?

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