Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Australia Day

                                                            Happy Australia Day!

Did you have a great day with family and friends at the beach or bbq at home or did you just relax and enjoy the day off?
We organised a BBQ at home with all the kids (inlcuding Rhys and Richie) and Vick, Jim and the girls! The day wasnt as nice as we had hoped, the wind was quite strong and it wasnt warm enough to swim - although the youngest 3 braved it) but at least it wasnt cold or raining like last year.
We still had a good time, Aussie music playing, lots of yummy food, played some cricket (with regular trips to see how the Aussie team was going on tv) and chatted lots.

Australia day sort of marks the end of the  'holiday time', I know that most adults are back at work already, but the kids go back to school and its time to go back to routine again instead of the lazy do whatever days.
I hope that you had a fun Australia day whatever you were doing.

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