Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Crochet - Works in progress

Somewhere along the way I changed the way I undertake projects. I used to be very big on finishing one thing before I started on something else. This is certainly not the case lately, when you are continually browsing around the internet looking at Pinterest and FlickR and pages on Facebook  as well  my instagram feed its hard not to be inspired to start up a new project.
Maybe I shouldnt be starting so many new projects and just be concentrating on one till its done, but Ive found that with one large project going that a few little ones actually help me to get the larger one finished, im not getting bored with such a large job (does that make sense?).

I thought I would share what projects I am working on at the moment - these are just my crochet projects (hah yep I have others too).

A little secret project for a special day comming up soon.

 This started as me playing around trying out different stitches but has turned into a baby blanket for a friend.

After making my ripple cushion a few weeks back I decided that my bed needed another one so am going with a granny square one.

 My ripple blanket which I am almost finished, jsut a few more rows to go and its all done and ready to be packaged up and sent to Tassie for a new baby boy who will be here soon!
I also may  have just gone out and got some pretty girly colours to start on another blanket using a new (to me) pattern I found the other day. Not sure how this will turn out but willing to give it a try.

 What projects are you working on ? Please share links with me I would love to see and of course if you have any favourite patterns would love to see those too.

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Lis :)

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  1. Great projects! And the joy when you finish them all!