Monday, March 25, 2013

Ripple crochet progress

 My ripple crochet blanket got put on hold for a bit because I decided that I HAD to try a ripple cushion. I had the wool already at home so I got started, the crocheting up the cover was the easier part having already worked out the ripple stitch.
 I decided to crochet one long rectangle and wrap it around the cushion insert rather than do two sides. This only gave me one ripple edge to work out how to join together.

I must of googled every ripple cushion on the internet trying to find a tutorial as to how to go about joining the ripple edge. Most of the cushions were backed with polar fleece or other materials and I came up empty. I had hubby and Marie give me some ideas and finally worked out a way!
By crocheting a combination of sc and dc stitches along the ripple I ended up with a reasonably straight edge which I then added some button holes to and then did the same on the other end and sewwed on buttons and it was done!

Maybe it isnt the best looking ripple cushion out there, maybe it isnt the best way to join the ripple edge together but it worked and I think it looked pretty good!

So now I should be getting back to my ripple baby blanket and getting that finished before a friends wool arrives to be made into one for her......but hahah whats a craft room without a few WIP lol
I picked up these balls of wool at Lincraft last week to start on a granny square cushion! After finding out that I didnt need to line the crochet cushions (Thanks Mel and Marie) I have got the urge to make lots and lots.

Maybe crochet cushions on the gift lists this year ???? hahaha

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Lis :)

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