Thursday, March 21, 2013

Remember the little things

 Early in January of this year I was watching a TV show (forgotten which one it was) where they mentioned a new years eve idea of each week writing down something that happened and putting it into a jar and then next new years eve spend some time with your family reading out all the things that happened in the past year.
I loved this idea and decided to make what I'm calling my "goodthings jar", I had a thrifted jar which i decoupaged some napkins, added some lace and a tag.

I raided my tag stash and stockpiled 52 different tags all ready to be used each week. I have them sitting on my desk right next to my diary so they remind me to do one every Monday (which I found the easiest day to do them).

Some of the things recorded are simple and may even seem silly to some but they are all little bits that are part of how we spent our year.I'm really looking forward to reading them out new years eve and remembering the year that passed.

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