Friday, February 08, 2013

Getting into the spirit


My sports mad son has gone to nearly every cricket match at the Gabba this summer I think. When the ad's came on tv about dressing up to go to the matches his mind went into overdrive lol.
He and Richie came up with the idea to paint their torsos with the Aussie jersey....
 He spent quite a few hours searching shops to find the body paint in the right colours and for a good price. Unfortunately he wasnt able to get as much as he needed, so when it came time for mum to paint on a different sort of canvas lol I had to watch how much I used. It was the first time I had used body paint (done face painting a few times) and  I learnt that for next time you have to paint it on quite thick the first time, doesnt really work trying to apply a 2nd coat.
Both boys were happy with how it turned out though so all was good. I was pretty impressed with it myself.

Arriving home after dark and trying to get it all of before he got in my shower wasnt as much fun though lol, I made him stand outside on the grass while I used a bucket and sponge to clean him lol luckily it was a pretty warm  night.

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