Friday, February 22, 2013

Keeping a Journal

 For years I use to keep a journal, writing all about anything that happened in my day, wanting to have a record of my life in some way. It got to the point where I was writing the same thing every day (not a very exciting life) and was becomming more of a chore to write in it than something I enjoyed.
I still wanted to record everything in some way but knew that a daily basis wouldnt work anymore. Anyone that knows me (or reads this blog alot) knows that I love my art journaling, so I decided to combine the two and make a visual calender journal. That was 2 years ago now.
I brought myself an A4 visual diary and made some notes from my diary and away I went creating. Two years on and my journal is filling nicely with pretty/arty journal pages or our months.

So that brings me to my latest two pages, December of last year and January this year.

Its fun to look back at previous months and see how my art style changes from month to month depending on how I feel (or what I have available to use).

Keeping a journal this way ive noticed that this one journal that im using since January 2011 and still not half way through yet takes up alot less room than my older daily journals or the calenders of each year that I used to keep.

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)


  1. This is a great way to combine the two Lis!! Ive gone back to writing every day again, but this time A5 size moleskines!

    1. Thanks Car :) Ive got a few journals that im writing up stories of events and things that happened in our lives just in case I dont get around to scrapping them. Boys think its silly but I dont care.

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