Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Photo shoot

At the end of last year I entered a photo competition a friend was running to raise funds for Relay for Life Cancer research. Much to my surprise my photo (of friends litttle ones hugging) won!!
My prize was a photo shoot with Gina Davis Photography. Two 8x10 photos and a disc of 30 photos. With football season fast approaching I knew I had to organise the shoot quickly or it would be near impossible to get everyone together.
So, Sunday was the day, getting hubby and myself, 3 teenage boys and a girlfriend all organised, not clashing clean clothes, at the venue and on time went pretty well lol
Gina suggested Daisy Hill Koala Park for the shoot, and apart from a few walkers and bicycling enthusiasts stopping our shoot occiaisionally it went pretty well.
I thought it all went pretty well, the boys were as good as I expected them to be having to get a thousand photos taken lol Gina herself had this to say......
"After having a quick flick through the camera, I had to upload this one for a sneak peak... it was really hard to keep a straight face today with this session!!"

This is the sneek peek she chose for us to look at....
I absolutely love it!!
Until I saw this I had no idea what the boys were doing in the background lol. I am super excited now to see the rest of the photos.
Thank you Gina for being so great with the boys!!

Thanks for stopping by
Lis :)


  1. This is a fantastic photo! The two of you look great and the kiddos are acting natural. I like the way the two of you are up front and the kids are kinda blurred in the background.
    Lucky you. Congrats on your win!

    1. Thanks Sandi, Im so happy with it and cant wait to see the rest now :)