Thursday, July 05, 2012

Keeping warm this winter

I know that I probably say this every year but its been so cold. Alot of my readers (my family included) would laugh at me and say pfft thats not cold lol
I live in Brisbane, so no its not as cold as other parts of the country, especially Tassie where I grew  up, but for me (the boys dont seem to feel it) I have needed to rug up warm with boots and coats and scarves to stay warm.
Having put some weight on I needed some new things, so whilst browsing around looking I found a little inspiration that I thought I would share.

 Love this big thick woollen cardi, not sure the red flowers are me though..

This one is so me, love that coat.

Another outfit that I would wear all the time.

Not sure red jeans are appropriate for my age, but the top and jacket with normal jeans or pants would look great.

images all from Birdsnest

Now the budget didnt allow for this many outfits, but I did pick up a few bits and pieces in sales and thrift stores that have kept me nice and warm so far.

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Lis :)

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  1. Oh yeah! I love these! I want them all!