Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Shopping of any kinds would have to be a favourite of mine, I dont always buy things but I love wandering around browsing an looking at all the pretty things.
Thrift shopping is something I have always loved doing, I mean who doesnt love finding a great bargain. I am pretty particular when I do thrift shop, picking through and only taking things that are in good condition or that i really need.

So this week I headed of to a couple of our local thrift stores and here are some lucky finds.

Such a cute little stone owl he was begging me to take him home.

The vase and branches I found at 2 different stores but love the way they look together in my lounge.

Some craft bits and bobs, the large roll has a heap of leather thonging such a bargain find.

Orange scarf which is really lightweight and can be used through spring as well as this great black and grey striped long singlet.

better view of the singlet.

I had a great week finds wise but im not always so lucky, sometimes I come away with nothing at all.
Do you thrift shop ? Love for you to share your finds with me.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    How adorable is that owl.

    I don't often go thrift shopping but its always great to find good bargains.

    Melanie H

  2. Great finds is right! I really love the look of your dress with the scarf...perfect!

  3. Oh my gosh...I am so digging that OWL!!!!