Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making a house a home

Your home is a place that you want/need to be relaxed and comfy and suitable for your lifestyle. Living in a rented home it isnt always easy to make some of the changes that would really suit your family better.
Ten years ago back in Tassie, we were getting to the stage of having our yards right how we wanted them, but then the big move happened and circumstances change and here we are back renting again.
We have been in this high set Queensland home now for almost 8 years and have done the best we could with what we were allowed to do. Our landlord spoke with us recently and has told us that since we have no plans on moving any time soon that we could make improvements to the place if we wanted (as long as they improve not degrade the property)! Score ? Yes we realise that anything we do does have to stay if/when we leave, but for now we are relishing in making the place feel more like a home.

Last week with John home for a rare day during the week we decided to make a start.

As I mention before we live in a high set home so we have a number of steps at both the front and back of the house. The area under the front steps has been this ugly bed or dirt and crap since we moved in, we did try some plants, but it gets barely any sun and no rain to speak of so nothing really grows.
A trip to the garden place later (been wanting to do this for years) and a ute load of pebbles and ALOT of heavy shoveling on my part lol and it looks so much better (sorry for the bad photo sun was in a bad place).
It is by no means finished, we plant to keep an eye out for driftwood and large stones etc to make the area look great!

Under the back steps was a mixture of grass and broken croncrete,not really suitable for anything much. We had extra of the pebbles we brought so we filled up the back as well. We added a couple of concrete statues that John calls griffens lol and an old oriental candle thingy, still got more to do but its much better than it was.

Living in Brisbane almost all year round is about outdoors and we lacked somewhere out the back to entertain or just have family BBQ's that was under cover to protect from rain and Sun!
This one is still a major work in progress, with the roof needing some tweeking and the floor to be done, but as you can see the boys have certainly found uses for it already.

John has worked really hard on it and im so proud of him and thankful that he is great with his hands!
This big pile of what looks like dirt is actually some sort of concrete dust and will soon become the base layer under the pergola, all compacted down for pavers to be laid eventually.

This is the last wip for the moment, it was already here when we moved in and has plants on both sides of the broken timber fence (which looks rustic and I love), our plans are to pull out everything from the yard side and let the grass grow over it and just tidy out the front section. The boys are always out in the yard kicking some sort of ball around so by getting rid of the back part of the garden bed im making it easier for the boys and safer for the plants lol

I will be sure to update again as the different projects are completed.
What things do you have in your yard, would love to see them!

Cheers Lis :)

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