Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I wore Wednesday

Every week I read Mardi's What I wore Wednesday blog post and think I am going to do that, all my good intentions just never happen though, untill this week, finally I managed to get a photo (sorry its so crappy no one around to take it for me).
So here is what I wore yesterday.
Jeans - op shop
Boots - Big W
Cardigan - SES fashions
Shirt - Femme Connection
Scarf - made myself

Why dont you join in with the fun and post your own outfit. Can check out other ladies taking part Mardi, Yvette, Mel, Janelle.

I just had to share this amazing find, one of the best op shop purchases ive ever had I think.
A cream wool coat from Myer for $5 omg what a bargain!!
It really needs a dry clean, but I love it!

Cheers Lis :)


  1. YAY Lis, thanks so much for joining in. Your outfit looks gorgeous and wowee to your new coat too, that's a great find and it looks wonderful!! x Janelle

  2. Good on you glad you joined in!!!
    I love your outfit and I LOVE that coat...Wow...what a great find....a perfect wardrobe addition as its going to be so versatile..
    Thanks for playing along...
    Mardi x

  3. super cute outfit, love the cardi over your long top!! & scored on the jacket!! nice one :0)

  4. YAY to WIWW! Your long shirt looks great with skinny jeans (and skinny legs!) And the coat - awesome find!!!

  5. Your outfit is adorable!