Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Completing half started projects....

Surfing around the internet at all the amazing and inspirational items and tutorials is something I seem addicted to lately. I bookmark them or save to my HD and alot of the time I even start on some of them.
I get distracted easily and quite often have alot of half done projects lying around. Well the last couple of weeks I have worked on getting some of those UFO's finished.

A crochet granny square blanket for myself, the squares were fairly easy to crochet up but wow, sewwing in all those ends afterwards took almost longer than it did to crochet the blanket lol. Really pleased with how it turned out and I tried a different way of crocheting the squares together that I found here. It took forever and used alot of wool, but it looks really good (imho).

I also worked out how to do a scalloped border instead of the standard straight one.

Baby blanket for a friends daughter who is due to have a little boy very soon. A bit simpler pattern this time around, using a really soft 12 ply wool (a little out of the ordinary for a baby blanket but wanted to do something that he could keep for quite a few years).

My next UFO I plan to complete, a blanket for the boys, I have a few more squares to get done then comes the sewwing in ends and joining... maybe before winter ends lol

I decided to have a go at creating my own crochet trim, took awhile to work out patterns but pretty pleased with how these turned out.

Hope you are having a great day!

Cheers Lis :)

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  1. Anonymous10:59 am

    Love your crocheting Lisa, love how you made the trims. That would save so much money on making your own vs premade trims.