Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tassie trip part 3

I think the best part of our trip home was just being able to spend time with everyone, there have been holidays before but usually only quick trips where the time has been limited. This time around was longer and gave us the opportunity to just hang out and soak up every bit of family we could.

There was lots of just hanging out around home, playing and chatting and hearing stories from our childhood and dads that for someone who scrapbooks was invalueable.

Lots of park time...

of course for electronic minded boys (with no internet at Pa's place) the Wii got a huge workout.

John and Josh headed to Launceston for a few days before flying home to Brisbane and work. Was good for them to have the time just with them and Johns dad.

the boys learnt that mum and dad had not forgotten how to play monopoly....lots of cheating went on though i think lol

New years eve saw the boys sitting up till midnight and watching the fireworks from the wharf out the kitchen window. Jay felt left out of the "having a drink to celebrate" so we rinsed out at stubbie and filled it with soft drink for him...he thought he was so cool lol

Dad was so grateful to have the boys to help him out around the house and with things that he now finds a little tougher to do.

Most people find a chair to rest on lol not my boy....

Dad's pool table also got a major workout....

Had to capture this...Cat and fiddle arcade in the CBD, it plays the nursery rhyme on the hour..although not as good as I remember it to be as when the boys were smaller but still very cool.

Fishing trips a plenty...although not much fish was caught..

As much as we were looking forward to getting home after 4 weeks away it was really sad to leave everyone. Look forward to the next time that we are all toghther again.

Cheers Lis :)

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