Monday, October 12, 2009

Action packed

Following on from the post a few days ago, September began and even though our normal footy season has finished and the rushed hassle of weekends has gone, doesnt mean the Taxi gets a holiday. Both Josh and Daniel signed up to umpire the IPS footy competition, a nice way to earn some extra cash for them both, but it also meant mum driving them back and forth to the games, sometimes rushing to get them from school and to get to different grounds at the same time lol multi tasking and all that haha
So begins the last week of term 3, a simple week in the lead up to holidays ? ha! I wish.
Josh had an interview for school based traineeship to go to on the Tuesday in some tiny little street in the city hidden away, we did make it and interview went well.
Thursday was the start of the State basketball titles for Josh and the Sting team. 2 games Thursday at metro, 2 games Friday at the Arena....

That brings us to Saturday, an 8am game at the Arena, John then had to head of to the footy club to prepare for the Youth presentations, Josh and I headed home for some food and a much needed shower by him lol to be back at the Arena for a 12 noon game.
No sooner had that game finished and we were in the car racing back to the footy club where they were holding of on the under 16's presentations till we got there, made it just in time.
Daniel received the under 16 encouragement award given out by the seniors, he was stoked.

After that it was home for food, shower and rest and then to Insports for game #3.
Home for dinner and bed.

Sunday wasnt much better with another 8am game, and then up to the footy club for the under 16 footy break up...a fun life be in it day.
We didnt get to stay for all of it, we had to rush of back to basketball for the last game.
9 games of basketball in 4 days for my boy who has only been playing for a year, was amazed and proud of him!
I have also come to the conclusion that it is much easier to get photos of them playing footy than it is of them playing basketball lol, they move so fast.
Needless to say Sunday night saw some very sore and tired bodies heading to bed early.
Thank god for school holidays for the next 2 weeks...

Cheers Lis

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  1. wow Lis your action packed post has made me tired just reading about it all!!! hope have a good rest in the holidays :)
    Aga xx