Friday, July 24, 2009

July update

WARNING..... image heavy post....

It is always reasonably busy this time of year with all 3 boys playing footy, I dont know what it is this year but it just seems alot more flat out than previous years....maybe its Josh working,(and having a better social life than his parents lol) and Daniel umpiring added to the committee things both John and I are doing this year, I love that the boys all play, but am so looking forward to the break at the end of the season, thank god we have a family rule for no summer sports!

Jay is really improving this year, he wont be winning any Brownlow's anytime soon, but he gets is and gives it a go and loves it!

My big boy has done really well this year, since moving to the ruck position (hey he is 6ft 5 lol) he is thriving and really enjoying playing.

I was dubious about how pushing Dan up a year to under 16's when he was only 13 would affect him, but my worries were for nothing, he is doing really well, fitting in to the team and holding his own....and the bonus...he and Josh seem to be getting on alot better as brothers!

7mths gone of my dt and still loving working for these lovely ladies and with the whole dt team.
Here are my June layouts which you can find more about in detail on the blog. Stay tune, we have all been working really hard on projects with NEW PRODUCTS, omg you will just love love love them, cant share anything yet, but they will be released very very soon, at CHA (where our projects are going to be on display!!!) where Helene and Div are heading to on Sunday.

Aussie One Little Word - July challenge - Somehow.

Inkurable stampers July challenge - use a playing card.

To finish of with some fantastic news (well for me anyways) I have been asked to be ont he creative team for the new blog look forward to working with the other girls and the awesome ads Kirsty is going to be supplying.... Whats Ad About!!!
To read what its all about head here...

Have an great weekend

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Oh wow love the layouts! Can't wait to see the new Buzz and Bloom stuff!

    Congrats on the What's Ad About CT. I'm looking forward to working with you (again! lol)

  2. Well done to your young men, you can see how much they love the game.

    I can't wait to see the new Buzz and Bloom products, I love what you have been doing for them.

    Congratulations on Wha's Ad about. You do amazing layout inspired by ads so I can't wait to see what you create for them too.