Sunday, March 01, 2009

Weekly wrapup

This week I have been busy but dont really seem to have achieved all that much. I have been cleaning and sorting areas around the home alot, trying to get things to a point where they are easier to maintain.
Last Wednesday Josh and Dan had their Round Robin sports for school, both electing to play AFL. Seeing as it's played at our local ground I always take the boys up myself, and usually help out in the canteen as well.
The day started of alright, but then the rain started and it kept comming and comming, the organisers tried to play through it, but it got that bad by lunchtime they had to cancel it. This meant an early day for the boys, home 2 hours early.
A few photos from the day...really happy with the ruck shot I got, i tried so hard last year to get a decent one.

Monday night training was cancelled as the ground was just way to wet and the sports club decided that in the best interests of everyone to close the ground.
Wednesday I brave our unreliable public transport and caught 2 busses and a train up to Johns work...glad I dont have to do that everyday. I picked our car up (John has work car for 3 days) and drove it home, picking up a heap of boxes for the footy club on the way.
Footy training and I spent almost the whole time sorting shorts and socks and getting them all into sizes and into the boxes and not just sprawled all over the cupboard. I must say i was impressed with how good it looked at the week club shirts and winter apparell...just need more boxes.

Having had his skateboard since December, Jay has decided that he is now ready to try and learn how to do more than just sit on it hehe, he spent ages outside playing on it on Saturday.

Ok so someone needs to tell the weather man that summer is over and it is now Autumn, today was so hot, much hotter than its been all week.
Now you would think that sitting in the cool under fans with cold drinks would be the go ? haha nope the boys asked to go play tennis, so we all went to the local courts and had a few hours of say played tennis, but that would be pushing it lol

and of course the obligatory handshake at the end.....

I did this art journal cover a while ago and just forgot to upload it. I used an old book and sewwed material and buttons and bits and pieces on to it, now just to fill up the insides!

Cheers Lis :)

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  1. The photos of the boys playing footy are great, Im glad you fgot the ruck shot.

    The weather man has finally got it right here, its been very cool here the last week.