Saturday, March 14, 2009

This week...

Has been sooooooo busy!
Way back in January I took on the role of Merchandiser for the footy club. Little did I know back then just how involved it would become. Training has started and we are approaching the start of the season in a couple of weeks for the youth teams (the juniors starting later). The last few of weeks has been like having a part time job (just not a paid one). I have been so busy checking out suppliers, sorting out what and how many of different things need to be ordered, and phone calls, ive been on the phone so much its insane lol. Hopefully it will settle down once the season starts.
Havent been doing all that much creating, just the odd one here and there. A few things that I got done over the last week.

Inkurable Stampers - alphabet stamps.
I have used the Karen Foster snap stamp set and a cheapy set got one one of the discount stores to make a journal block.

Wicked Princess March card sketch.

Wicked Princess sketch.

We took Jay and Dan to the Richmond vs Brisbane footy match last night at Gold Coast Stadium. I love that stadium it has such a family relaxed feel to it. Jay wasnt happy that Brisbane lost, but he was happy that he got to sit behind Jarred Brennan, and chat and have photos with some of the players that didnt play.
Dan of course was thrilled Richmond won and that he finally got to see one of their games live.
Will have photos to share soon.

Have a wicked weekend
Cheers Lis :)


  1. What a hectic few weeks, hopefully it will calm down soon once all the orderings done.

    Wonderful creations Lisa. I love your card.

  2. gorgeous work Lis, and looking forward to seeing the pic with Jarred Brennan and any other of my boys LOL