Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Devestation and true Aussie spirit

February 7th 2009 is being called Australias darkest hour. It is just so devestating, the bushfires in Victoria and NSW, all the loss of lives and property. It is unbelieveably heartbreaking and my heart goes out to all those that have lost loved ones, have been injured or have lost everything they own.
I am extremley grateful that all family and friends in Victoria are safe.
If you would like to help out by donating to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009
then follow the link to the Red Cross appeal site, they have raised well over 13 million so far.

Whilst the southern parts of Australia are suffering with devestating fires, its the opposite at the other end. In far north Queensland they have been struggling with floods ALMOST three weeks after flooding began, north Queensland remains in chaos, with towns isolated, emergency services swamped and the Bruce Highway cut.Donations to flood victims can be made to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal Fund at any of the big banks, including the Commonwealth, Westpac, NAB, ANZ, Suncorp Metway and the Bank of Queensland.

On a lighter note a bit of creating done this past week.

Recently found this challenge site,Tag You're It its all about tags, and this is my tag for challenge #44 using the sketch provided.

This is my layout for the Ad This challenge this week.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Thank you for finding TYI this week and we're glad that we gave you a bit of light relief in light of all the problems that Oz is experiencing at the moment.
    Hope to see you at TYI very soon....

  2. Hi Lis
    So great to see you found us!!
    I love your little birdie scene - gorgeous stamps and background!
    It's terrible what is happening with the fires at the moment, we see it on the news every day ...
    Thanks for playing along this week, our new challenge will be on Friday , hope you can join us then!


  3. The fires and floods sure are scary, it makes you feel so helpless.

    That is a gorgeous tag and layout. Fantastic work.