Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mega creative spurt

Its almost the end of the school holidays - just one more week to go, and I must say the boys have been great. That may have alot to do with the fact that there has been work for Josh, sleepovers and lots of bike riding and Wii playing as well as a makeshift tennis court set up in the back yard lol
All this has meant that mum has been free to do lots of creating...and I have.
I have been in the mood for painting and mixed media things lately and have even gotten back into my art journaling.

So here is what i've been up to.....

Art journal - This year for the 52Q with Emily.

Art journal - Action with A year in the life.

OLW - Embrace.

Aussie Roadmaps.

Category Stories. I remember.

White with 1.

Inspired Blueprints.

Inkurable Stampers - Jigsaw pieces.

Wow now that really does seem like a huge amount of has been over 3 weeks though not all this week.
Hope that those on holidays are enjoying it and that everyones year has been great so far.
I have been tagged but will be back to do that later.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Hi Lis!!
    Lee from Category STories here.
    Your pages are fantasitc, thanks so much for playing.
    Now for a confession, I accidently deleted the link to your page I think from our site - I knocked the mouse when I sneezed and deleted... ARGH. I am so lame.
    Can you please re-link to the category for me??
    Lee :) :) :) :) (those are apology smilies..LOL!)

  2. wowwee!! you have been a busy little bee!! Love your creations!!


  3. You have been so creative! awesome layouts, Love wht you did for OLW!

  4. WOW, WOW an more WOW Lisa, these are all fantastic.

    I always love the quotes you use on your pages. Well done.

  5. i love your blog!! Your work is awesome!!

    I love your art journals. Great job!

  6. thanks for signing up as a follower of out of the hat scrap challenge.... please email me with your address so I can send you a RAK



  7. Lis
    I am loving all of this creative joy.
    Go girl!!

  8. Wow! Saw your work at the Category Stories blog! It is just fantastic! Love your I remember layout!

  9. love the paper tearing and layering on your i remember layout! you got style, girl!

  10. Wow! Those are a lot of LOs!!! I really love your I remember LO! I lvoe your use of white space to draw focus on the photo and all the layering of papers!!! Great job! Thanks so much for playing over at CS! :)

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  12. love, love, LOVE that little paper person and all the layering and tearing and how you globbed it in once place on the page on your "I remember" layout. yummy!