Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day weekend

Happy Australia Day

We didnt plan anything or go anywhere but had a really good weekend at home.
There was the backyard game of cricket complete with bruises and lots of laughter.

Wishing we were at Coolongatta watching this....

Cheering an adopted Aussie on.....

and willing (to no avail) our Aussie boys to victory....

and then it rather than hide away inside we made a little water slide. (didnt break any water restrictions either hehe)

The boys had so much fun on this and were disappointed when the rain stopped.

Inbetween all this Aussie goodness i managed to create these two Aussie themed ATC's for a mini challenge at Inkurable.

Hope you all had a fantastic Australia day weekend!!

Jay goes back to school tomorrow, but I still have one more day at home for the older two, bring on Wednesday lol

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Haha The waterslide looks like so much fun Lisa. The boys look like they were having a blast.

    We didn't do anything either, just had a quiet day home.

    I love the ATC's.

  2. Lisa, you have been tagged. Check my blog for more information.

    P.S. I promise it is a good tag.