Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas preperation + semi formal +Creative son

As I mentioned last week Josh had his year 10 Semi-formal, getting photos was like pulling teeth, but I did manage a few nice ones. Take horrible dreary its about to storm lighting to the mix and this is one of the nicer ones.

Now this is pretty normal these days, the phone glued to his ear even while im trying to get last minute photos lol

I have been busy making lots of things for my nieces and nephews for christmas and was asked to share so here they are...
Please note that I DO NOT sew and these are my first attempts at anything other than mending lol and without patterns.

Tote Bags


I just had to share some creative things that Dan has been doing at school, he really loves getting his hands dirty and making things.
His canvas from art class, this is going in my scrap room!

His clock from Tech, I love it, he already has it on the wall in his room.

Hope that you are having a great day and well on the way to getting yourself organised for the busy times this month...

Cheers Lis :)


  1. oh my golly gosh...for someone who doesn't classify herself as a sewer....PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK!!! i love your sewn creations!! clever you.

    N xx

  2. WOW Lisa what great things you have made! I would love to get a gift like that so Im sure the ones you are giving them to will love them! Awesome cute stuff!
    And look at your guy! He is getting so grown, handsome devil! Love the things he has made!

  3. wow you have been busy Lisa..... I love those aprons... are they adults or childrens????

    oh I'm dreading my boys growing up... they pose at the moment for photos and I'm soooo going to hate it when they won't... great photos...

  4. I love those bags and aprons, you did an amazing job Lisa.

    I love the clock and canvas that Dan made, he is following in his mums steps.

    Did Josh have fun at the semi-formal? He looks very handsome.