Sunday, December 28, 2008

and so that was Christmas....

The fact we have teen boys means that our day doesnt start at the crack of dawn, instead we get to sleep till a reasonable hour...This year Jay was first up, then Dan, they both then went and woke Josh up, but left John and I to sleep...that is until the phone rang at sister in Tassie deciding it was late enough to ring lol
So then the day started, the lounge quickly became a disaster area with presents and paper everywhere.
Breakfast (not something i normally do) was OJ and croissants and profiteroles, then dressed and back to the new toys. I got a digital camera so i enjoyed playing with that. The Wii got a big workout as well as Dan's DS lite.
Lunch was pretty non existant, the boys just picking during the day. We then got food ready and went up to Jim and Vicki's for a lovely christmas dinner.
Here is our day in pictures...

Christmas night Jay started feeling of and wasnt good boxing day either, then I started to feel ill and later that night Josh did as well...Gastro at christmas isnt what was on the lists. So JOhn and Dan spent yesterday looking after us all and boiling lots of water.
Today see us all alot better though so glad it seems to of been just a 24 hour thing.

Hope that you all had a wonderful christmas.

Cheers Lis :)


  1. Oh there's nothing worse than being sick over Christmas! Glad to hear you are feeling better now.

  2. ohh yuck to being sick esp over christmas... glad you're feeling better..
    isn't the wii great !! we got wii fit for christmas