Tuesday, November 11, 2008


At 13 his hearing seems to be selective, a teenage trait ? He hears some things we dont want him to hear, and all the unimportant things, but then when its something we need him to hear his hearing suddenly is gone.....

When I saw what the word for OLW was this week I knew exactly how I was going to scrap it, Dan drives us crazy at the moment with his hearing to the point we had him tested...yup perfect hearing...

So anyway this is my layout.

cheers Lis :)


  1. Hahaha Yep teenages do suffer selective hearing. lol

    Love this layout. Wonderful page Lisa, I love how you mixed the title up with fonts.

  2. Hey there,
    thanks so much for leaving me some blog love. I love your page too! I have a DS13 the same, have you seen the Pete Denahy song "Sort of, dunno, nothing'".... it's hilarious, search it on youtube, I'm sure you'll get a giggle

  3. Hah! That was so cool, just like my kids!!

    Love your layout - love the mixed patterns :-)

  4. How true it is! I LOVE this!

  5. Great layout. Yeah, the kiddos only seem to hear what they want. But the best things is when they're all grown up, and they've followed your life-long words of wisdom... those words you were so sure they weren't listening to way back then. :)