Saturday, September 27, 2008


School holidays have been a big whirlwind of commings and goings here at our place, Both the older boys went of to respective mates places and stayed for a few nights, then Josh came home and brought his mate with him, my sister and nieces came down to spend the day with us, Dan came home for the night.
Josh and Jamie left again for Jamies place and Chris came to stay with Dan, Jay spent a night at with his cousins and then Dan went with Chris back to his place.
Saturday morning and Jay went of to work with John, I woke to an empty was wonderful to just wander and do things when I wanted to but strange at the same time...
Josh has just arrived home, John and Jay are due soon and we are off to spend the afternoon with Jenni and Matt down the coast.

A few of the photos from a day at the park with family....

The walk to the park...

Jess flitted back and forth from one thing to another having a great time!

Jay and Nica love spending time together and the slide was a favourite.

The whirlygig(or flying machine as the kids call it) was a favourite with not just the kids...Yes Vik I posted it, sorry it was too good an opportunity to miss hehe.

The helicopter got alot of workout as well...

Back at home again and they did a bit of drawing and craft stuff...

The punches were a big hit with Jess, especially the heart one...

I did get some scrapping done as well, just a few done this week....

Stuck sketch #55

Stuck sketch #57

Aussie Road Maps - September challenge.

Addicted2Scrapping inspiration challenge.

Righto im of for some family fun time down the coast, its a beautiful day and will hopefully come back with some more photos to share later, have a great weekend whatever you doing.

Cheers Lis :)

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  1. Sounds like the kids have been having a ball. Love the park photos they are great.

    And you have been so busy too. Your layouts rock.