Sunday, April 27, 2008

What a day....

I knew that footy season would be hectic, but as ready as i was yesterday was just so tiring. Up with the birds to be at the footy club for work, dropping Josh of at Rhys's to get a lift to his game, leaving John and Dan getting ready at home to make the hour long drive to Caboolture for Dan's game. Left the club and drove to Josh's game at Calamvale got to see the first half of that game before I was back in the car driving to Springwood for Jay's game. Home at last at 3.30 and i just fell on the couch and stayed there until John got home around 5, didnt move very much for the rest of the night.
Today not up as early but still early for a Sunday, got John and Josh organised so they could get to the Gabba on time. John is sports trainer for Melbourne footy club today - he is thrilled he is getting more games this year - Josh and a mate are going to watch the game, will be watching on tv to see if we can see John out on the ground at all...

During the week I scrapped my little B-hind of and got all these done...

Paper Adventure - Something new
Clothes and shoes!! What girl doesnt need new ones lol

One Little Word - Grow
Had all these left over pictures of Josh from when he was a baby, so did a type of growth chart of him over the years.

Mystical Scrapbooks - colour challenge - blue, green, orange
This is my nephew who I miss terribly.

Mystical Scrapbooks - monthly challenge - boy layout using pink
For the record...Josh likes it lol

Mystical Scrapbooks - DT challenge - monochromatic
Will you just check out that boys hair.....i have spent hundreds of dollars at hairdressers over the years and his is all natural! So jealous!

Of to put my house in some sort of order and get some more scrapping done!



  1. Gorgeous layouts! Love what you did for OLW!


  2. WOW these are all gorgeous layouts, I love your use of colour.

  3. P.S. I just tried to send you the following via email, but it bounced - so here you go :)

    Thanks for your comment Lis. I'd love to see a pic of your rug so far :))
    Well, I can't really explain the crocheting because my Mum showed me how to do it. I basically just put the crochet hook through the two squares and crocheted 1 stitch - then dug it through the blanket again and repeated this.
    Oh 15 squares left to do would be so nice, much nicer than my 23 LOL.
    Have a lovely week,

  4. Your new laoyuts are wonderful Lisa, love the pink boy page you did. I would have found that challenging. Lol

  5. YIKES!!!!!!! you get sooooooo much done!!! i think you need to give me productivity lessons! :)

    your PA "new" page and that beyond fabulously cool "grow" page are my absolute faves from this lot...tho it's HARRRRRD to choose since they are all rather great!