Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh

A huge happy birthday to my boy Josh who turned 15 today!!
How did he get so big so fast (and i mean big, he is taller than me and weighs more).
He got very spoilt with presents from family and had a great morning.

We had this big day planed with 20 invites sent out for a party in the park. We got 16 rsvp's organised music, food, drinks and lots of sports equipment.....then this rained...and rained ...and kept on raining....
So.... they all came to our place (yep im insane) 16 teenagers in my house, for 3.5 hours...
Believe it or not, they were pretty good, not as nosiy as I though they were be and all well behaved.
He had this huge big sponge cake (no Tam I didnt make it) thank you Jason for making this for me and delivering it.

And surprise surprise, they all posed for a group shot for me!! I go a few, these boys who normally run at the mere mention of a photo were keen to perform for me, who was I to say no lol

All in all it ended up being a good day, my house looks like a bomb went of but tomorrow is another day.

Happy birthday Josh, love ya ratbag!


  1. Happy Birthday Josh, sounds like he had a great day.

  2. Wow. What a great day. Its a shame it rained.

    Happy birthday Josh.

  3. Happy Birthday Josh!!!
    And guess what....?! Today it's my sons birthday too!! He turned 23 today!!