Monday, April 21, 2008

Always remembered

7.1.39 - 21.4.07

You truly were an angel
sent from God in heaven above.
Your shocking death just broke the hearts of everyone you loved.
When I found out that you had died
I thought that they were wrong.
You were so alive - and then
just like that, you were gone.
A flame blown out in seconds,
Confirming our worst fears -
A light that shines no more on earth
for which we shed many tears.
But still you are my beacon
And I need you right now.
You hear all the prayers I say
Because they are answered somehow.
I wish that you could be here,
But in a way you are.
Your symbol of a rose goes everywhere with me,
so I know you can't be far.
It still is quite a shock to me
that you had to die;
But no one will forget you

We Love you Mum


  1. Lis (hugs) for the anniversary of losing your mum...some days can be quite hard.

  2. Lisa.

    What a beautiful poem for your mum.

  3. What a beautiful poem.

  4. Beautiful poem honey...very beautiful

  5. That is a beautiful poem. My thoughts are with you Lisa.

  6. i am so sorry for your loss...but happy for the beautiful memories that you will have forever! xolauren