Friday, March 14, 2008

Its the only one iv'e got...

My name that is..well legal one anyway, im pretty sure ive been called a million things besides my name over the years lol

This week's prompt for Mystical Rock your blog is...

Where did your name come from? Who choose it? What were the other options? Does anyone else in your family have the same name? Have you ever met anyone with the same name as you?

Im not really sure how my dad thought of my name, I do know that I was supposed to be a Leanne. My mum spent over 36 hours in labour with me and my dad spent most of that time at the pub....
When he arrived at the hospital and saw me he took one look and said "thats not a Leanne its a Lisa"...
...and so I became...

As far as I know (they may be distant cousins I dont know) there is no one else in my family with the same name..weird seeing how common it is.

As for have i ever met anyone with the same name...i think it would be pretty freaky if I hadnt dont you?

The Hebrew name Lisa means - consecrated to God

The English name Lisa means - a short form of Elizabeth

I google to see how many famous people are named after me (ok ok i know) there are a few..

Lisa Maree Presley
Lisa Simpson
LIsa Ho
Mona Lisa
Lisa Kudrow

just to name a few.... now if only i had their money and talent lol



  1. Your lucky Lisa, mine was going to be Mabel or Veronica. Lol

  2. Anonymous10:23 pm

    I was going to be called Elisa, but my mom wanted me to be able to buy stuff with my name on it, so she dropped the E