Monday, March 17, 2008

crafting goodness

What happened to weekends are for sleepins ?? It isnt happening at our house... Josh had a practice game again yesterday, so up early and of to Wynnum for a footy match. Dan also left for camp bright and early, he is gone for 3 days... whilst i will miss him heaps...I wont miss the bickering between brothers lol

Paper Adventure

Tell me: What habits to you have? What routines to you follow?
Are this habits ones you would like to break, or are they a part of you that you enjoy? Take some time and write it out.
I have quite a few but chose my lists..I have them everywhere, for everything, my life just wouldnt exist without them.

This is for the OTP challenge at Mystical, alter a book cover, i chose to do one for my journaling.

I have been busy making things for the school craft stall lately , just a few little things with stuff I have at home. A friend suggested that I should try and sell some of them.....
Not entirely comfortable with this aspect (never think my stuff is good enough for others to want to spend good money on) a few of the things ive made...

What do you think? worth trying to sell ? Anyone want to buy one ? lol
If you are interested in one of them please feel free to leave me a comment or email me at



  1. Your bags are stunning, I love the second one. You should sell them as they are wonderful.

    Gorgoeus creations Lisa, I really need to catch up with Paper Adventures. lol

  2. Great Paper08 page for this week!! Don't you just love these!!

  3. Great projects!! Your such a busy girl!!

  4. your bags are FAB...*very* much worth selling! people will snap these up!!!

    (ps your PA pages and journal cover are also excellent!)

  5. Lis you talented thing! What fantastic bags!!