Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Am I happy ?

Is the big question for the week.
It is this week's prompt or the Rock your blog challenge at Mystical

Do you think you are happy with your life right now? Blog about the great things in your life or what you would like to change.

When I really sit and think and be honest with myself about this, then I have to say that I am happy with where I am at right now.
Yes there are things that I don't have, things I yearn for, things I would love to change. I miss my family and friends back home in Tassie so much, especially around holiday times. It would be nice to be able to visit them more regulary.
If I focussed on the things I don't have all the time then I think I would end up making myself miserable. I like to believe that by focusing on what I do have and all the things in my life that are good then everything else will fall into place.
I have a wonderful hubby, 3 awesome kids (most of the time lol) a small group of friends (online and irl) and we are all healthy.
Everything else is a bonus.
I really do have alot to be grateful for.

Are you happy ?



  1. I am so glad to hear that you are happy in life. Things sound very much the same for me at this point too, family and friends are wonderful to have

  2. Lisa it is good to hear that you are happy in life. I always believe in taking what you have and making the most of it. That is what I think you are doing a really good job of!

  3. Its great to think the way you do Lisa, I can honestly say that I am happy right now. I have 1 beautiful DD and a loving husband and much more that I ever thought possible.